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At a World Empowered we have a Philanthropic Vision of a world where ALL men, women, and children are Empowered; Empowered to speak their truth, to be themselves, to provide for their needs, and to protect and heal the environment.




In addition to our own services provided, the role we play at A.W.E. is to raise funding for existing non-profits, in order to Initiate, Facilitate, and Participate in Social Impact Projects Globally.

  • Testimonial

    BC has the charisma, passion, and insight to EMPOWER the youth….

    Gail Engel, Grand Family Coalition

  • Testimonial

    This book (The Dream Achiever) is very empowering for children of all ages.

    Seila Leonard

    A World Empowered
  • Testimonial

    This book (The Dream Achiever) is about reminding us that everything comes within and the belief we are our own answer.

    Misty Dockins

    The Dream Achiever

BC, the founder of A World Empowered speaks to a wide range of audiences, on a multitude of topics. As the CEO of A.W.E., BC has spoken to groups such as Imagine Zero (Suicide Prevention), MOJO Movement, The Grand Families Coalition, and more, to spread a message of hope, inspiration, tips & tools, and how to create your ideal life. His near death experience, experience with addiction, depression, suicide, 15 years of entrepreneurship, World travel, and creating a non-profit organization, offer a powerful and unique speaking engagement. Listen below, or contact to book now!