Team Members

Brian, the CEO (or "Creative Empowerment Officer", as he prefers) for "A World Empowered, LLC", leads a company which seeks out and initiates projects around the world that cultivate and perpetuate the empowerment of human beings.

Margie has always held a deep passion and concern for the health and well-being of the planet, and all it's inhabitants.

She is passionate about working with communities at a small scale to create positive change and is always looking for opportunities to challenge her worldview and step outside her comfort zone.

After spending the first ten years out of college in the corporate world, Jeannine decided to stay home and raise two kids. Her kids taught her more […]

I have a passion for social justice, civil activism, and community cohesion.

Bill is a writer, self-publisher of a book on great sports quotations (don’t knock them until you’ve tried them), father of two and grandfather of three and hoping for a few more.