Becka Ashcraft


Hi there! My name is Becka Ashcraft. I became attracted to being a part of A World Empowered (A.W.E.) after I had heard Brian speak at a book signing about his vison for A.W.E. being “people helping people helping people.” I loved this and wanted to learn more. I think it is important to walk alongside each other in the community as we strive to influence or solve the challenges and problems that people face. I felt A.W.E. was a place I could take action in this way.

To share a little about me, I have been a counselor for 21 years working in various roles as a wilderness therapist, private contractor, school counselor and currently as an Academic Year Counselor at the CSU Health Network. I have also worked as a Family Leadership Training Institute Facilitator for the CSU extension office and Larimer County for the past 4 years and traveled with People to People as a youth leader. In these positions it has been a privilege working with, helping and learning about a diverse group of people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages, and beliefs.

In my personal life, I spend a lot of time outside and with my family and friends. I have grown and learned so much through the years from my family and being a wife, mother, and friend. These experiences are more than I can encompass here and have taught me and continue to teach me priceless lessons in life. I suppose if I tried to break it down to what I most want to share with others because of what has been shared with me, it would be love. I mean that in the whole sense of the word through times of heartaches, fights, and frustrations to easier times of really “seeing” each other, laughing and togetherness.