Alex McHenry


Originally from Colorado, Alex has traveled extensively in the US and abroad. She is passionate about working with communities at a small scale to create positive change and is always looking for opportunities to challenge her worldview and step outside her comfort zone.

With degrees in biology and conservation leadership, she has a deep passion for understanding the connection between the well-being of people and the well-being of our environment. She has particular interest and expertise in how we evaluate our work and impact and how evaluation protocols can be made more participatory and beneficial to participants.

Alex’s studies and professional career have taken her to South Africa, Kenya, and Malaysia with extensive travel in these parts of the world. Her travels have broadened her awareness of the extensive network of nonprofits doing admirable work abroad, as well as the negative unintended consequences of development work that is not carefully thought out and community driven. Alex is excited to be a part of A World Empowered to support existing effective organizations to make the world a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive place for communities to thrive.